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Hospitality Services Group is a premier company, meeting the needs of our clients, and our employees in the hospitality industry. We are able to exceed client’s expectations by providing personnel who are competent and acquire the skills necessary to succeed.

Not only do we provide quality service to client’s sites, but we also focus on giving a quality working opportunity to individuals who are driven to be successful and knowledgeable, with a mindset- set on integrity. These individuals are those who intend on extending our vision to us, to our clients, and to those who choose our partners to host their special events.

Hospitality Services Group is proud to embrace the spirit of the J1 visa program. We enjoy being able to provide the educational experience the J1 Visa Program brings, where we can show that social interaction, strong work ethics, and cultural integration are the keys to success.

Hospitality Services Group serves as the employer holding all financial and legal responsibilities of the J1 Work & Travel and J1 Internship employees. We are responsible to be compliant with the Department of State regulations for the program, including housing and culture activities.

Hospitality Services Group provides the following support as the employer and support to include:

  • On-boarding
  • Payroll and Payroll Taxes
  • Workman’s Compensation Coverage
  • Weekly Pay
  • Payroll Deductions
  • Housing and Transportation Logistics
  • Manage communication and compliance with the State Department guidelines
  • Provide welcoming package and gathering for J1 participants
  • Plan activities outside of work that expose J1 participants to U.S. culture
  • Social Security Appointment
  • Banking information and appointment
  • HSG scheduling team available to support seven days a week
  • HSG customer service support seven days a week
  • Provide internship training manual for work site
  • Manage internship rotation during program​​